Christian Meditation in our Parish

A group of parishioners meet each Thursday afternoon at 5.15 pm in the Old Convent chapel to support each other in the daily practice of meditation. They are just one of well over 1000 such groups in 60 countries who form the World Christian Meditation Community.

Last week Pope Francis put out a universal call for spiritual witness for peace, especially in the devastating crisis in Syria. The World Community of Christian Meditation responded and asked all groups to meditate at midday on September 7. Our group joined in this worldwide prayer.


 What is Christian Meditation?

Meditation has a long history in the Church and can be traced back to the days of the early desert fathers.

Father John Main, a Benedictine monk who died in 1982, has re-established its importance in our spiritual development,  forming the Christian Meditation Community, which has now spread worldwide.

It has become increasingly clear in recent years that meditation is a way of tolerance and compassion  which  builds  a  bridge  of  spirit between peoples of differing faiths, between rich and poor and between those suffering conflict and division. The social and psychological distress of modern society calls for a      contemplative awareness and respon

Picture of Dom John Main OSB.

Dom John Main OSB

se.  Fr John believed that no matter what our lifestyle, we are called to this contemplative depth. He wrote:

‘In contemplative prayer we seek to become the person we are called to be, not by thinking of God but by being with God. Simply to be with God is to be drawn into the person God calls us to be.’

A morning of Meditation in a Bush Church

On Monday 23 September we are going to have a half day silent retreat at the historic Anglican Church of St Thomas, Dingup, a little bush church  east  of  Manjimup.    We  will  depart from the public car park near the Bridgetown railway station  at  8am.

dingupParticipants  are  requested  to bring a plate, a book for spiritual reading and a chair for use in a quiet place in the grounds.

The day will have an opening and closing prayer, two meditations and time for spiritual reading finishing at midday.  The time will include a break for morning tea.

Contact Tony McAlinden on 97612968 for more details