Mass Times

First weekend (please note the first Sunday is the first weekend)

Nannup: Sat 5:00pm

Boyup Brook:  Sun 9:00am

Bridgetown:  Sun 5:00pm

Balingup:  Sat 6:30pm

 Greenbushes:  No Mass


2nd weekend

Boyup Brook:  Sat 6:00pm

Bridgetown:  Sun 9:00am

Balingup:  Sun  10:30am

Nannup :  No Mass

Greenbushes:  No Mass


3rd weekend

Boyup Brook:  Sun 9:00am

Bridgetown:  Sun 5:00pm

Greenbushes:  Sat 6:30pm

Balingup: No Mass


4th weekend 

Boyup Brook: Sat 6:00pm

Bridgetown: Sun 9:00am

Greenbushes: Sun 10:30am

Balingup: No Mass

Nannup: No Mass


5th weekend [not in January]

Boyup Brook: Sun 9:00am:

Bridgetown: Sun  5:00pm:

Greenbushes:  Sun 8:30am (LWHC)

 No Mass: Balingup

No Mass: Nannup



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